Thursday, October 16, 2008

Had a dream last night... don't know what it means

I had a dream that giant, blazing fires were surrounding me. The orange and yellow shades moved as if winds were constantly feeding it. It was strange walking among the flames- I could see the fire erupt 10 feet in the air, and even higher in the distance.

All was serene; simply walking quietly looking intently at the flames. The background was dark as if it was taking place in the night. I overlooked with effort and could not see anyone else inside or around the fire. The notion of walking in an ‘inferno’ would be inaccurate - I did not feel pain of any kind and did not notice any burns in the skin. It was surreal. Walking among fire without suffering. The ambiance was quiet yet active as if the orange glow was speaking in silence.

I can still see the flames if I close my eyes. The words "terrible beauty" suddenly come to mind.


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