Saturday, April 30, 2011

"You like a... cookies?"

Three months ago while driving back to my apartment I noticed an elderly Asian lady stranded in the street trying to push her broken car towards the curb. The delicate lady was sweating and smiling  which, oddly enough, reminded me of my Father...

I stopped at the corner, exited my car and crossed the intersection to push her car. During those ten minutes I was breaking a sweat and wondering what the hell she had in the damn trunk.
She was grateful and asked me if she could bake me cookies or pastries. Frankly I was irked by her offer and slowly began to walk away while saying "Oh, you're so nice, but it's not necessary thank you." She asked  where I lived and I timidly told her "around the corner" while pretending to be in a rush and walking back towards my car.  

Three months later... the sweet lady shows up at my door with cookies. She explained how grateful she was that some stranger stopped to help. She discretely thanked me, smiled, and bowed her head like Asian's sometimes do.   I placed my cynicism aside and ate those cookies. -- 'some of the best cookies i've eaten so far.


Anna Elissa said...

I'm Asian, and I can tell you, the act of giving gifts is what we are programmed to do.

Chakurino said...

:) Well, that's always nice to hear.