Tuesday, July 5, 2011

United States Medical Licensing Examination (Step 2)

....Can't for the life of me understand why the National Board of Medical Examiners charges $1355 to sit and take this exam. Now that my bank account is lighter I'm more compelled to study. FYI, if you're a fellow student who will soon be taking the exam-- i'll be using the following resources and posting my score when it arrives.

  • FIRST AID for the USMLE step 2CK
  • USMLE World Qbank (i've been working on this sucker since the start of 3rd year)
  • SIMPLE cases (internal medicine)
  • Step Up to Medicine (USMLE step 2)


    o.O said...

    study hard!

    Brenne Meirowitz said...

    Licensing fees are way out of whack and it seems it is based on a "potential earnings scale." You'd think the government would be satisfied with the amount of income tax they will get once students graduate!