Tuesday, September 25, 2012


So it’s been six months since I last posted anything on this blog...

Although I anticipated ending my experience as a blogger six months ago in lieu of the crazy grind that marks the beginning of residency, writing on this site has cemented my belief in the value of cathartic writing. Also to my surprise, these posts have on occasions helped folks who are curious about random medical topics.

I’m back.


o.O said...

I was kind of sad when I read your last blog.. I'm happy you're writing again.

I also have a blog, but I haven't decided if I want to delete it and start fresh or keep it and just add it on.

Reynold said...

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Anonymous said...

You probably don't remember me but I emailed you awhile back calling you "Mr. Michael" (I didn't know your full name) asking about any tips you have for a pre-med that can't afford fancy prep classes.

I'm really glad you're writing again! Thank you, and I hope you are doing well in your residency.

Take care,
Paul Nguyen

Paul said...

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