Wednesday, July 29, 2015

2015 San Francisco Marathon (26.2 miles)

The San Francisco marathon is now in the books. A wonderful and unforgettable experience. The highlights and random thoughts during the run:

At mile 11 while running down through the Presidio watching the sunrise along the Pacific Ocean—Wow… How do you make yourself worthy of the love she gave to you. You can't. You're not.
At mile 15 while running on JFK Drive, I nearly stepped on what appeared to be somekind of rodent or maybe a squirrel or a chipmunk--  It's gotta be a chipmunk. Yes, a chipmunk. In a perfect world there would be a disease called Chipmunkiosis, a beautiful diagnosis. 
At mile 18 while climbing up Golden Gate Park I began to experience intense nausea and cramps. Marching to the side of the road I puked. Several runners looked on but they kept on running. The thought came – At some point in life someone has probably seen me and thought "Well... at least I'm not that guy." This is that moment. 
At mile 23, I hit the wall... The cumulative result of puking, dehydration, and depleting my glycogen stores. The 3:30 pacing team passed me –  What am I doing here? why am I doing this? 
The last 3 miles... Seemingly the longest 5K of my life, a stretch filled with flashbacks of things that passed; October 31, 2013-October 31, 2104. Almost like a mirage—Is that the Ghost from Taiwan?   No.   No it's not.
After the finish line – goodbye is the hardest thing that i could do. Wish I'd had the strength to prove you wrong...


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