Friday, May 20, 2016

Griffith Park

La Jolla Farms

When running up a winding treacherous trail across Griffith park, I came across a dividing path-- one lead to a vertical mount while the other lead downward toward a fancy golf course. Stopping to consider which path to take, looking intently at the surroundings to avoid getting lost in a maze of weaving trails, I remembered what my Father once told me. “Choose your battles wisely boy,” he would say.

Standing there, panting and with sweat stinging the eyes, I began to ask the devil on my shoulder, “which battles have I fought? which battles, worthwhile or not, have I won? did they make me happy?” To be brief, the truth is that many, many times I should have turned away and looked into a better direction-- fought only battles worth my time; in doing so avoiding unnecessary scars and pointless regrets.

The following day on a trip to La Jolla, while overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the same vexing questions rose in my head. This time however, an overwhelming sense off peace came over me thanks to the one-eyed sailor Popeye who said it best: I am what I am, and that’s all that I am.

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