Sunday, September 26, 2010

Medical Students and Professionalism ...

Most didactic sessions are interesting and engaging, however, some session one simply has to bravely 'endure'. Professionalism was the topic of today's session.

  • One should not spend more than 15 minutes doing testicular exams
  • Wear gloves for the pelvic exam
  • This is not surgery; no profanity please.
  • Avoid unnecessary breast exams
  • Patients are not your friends...
There are plenty of anecdotal and famous cases in the media of how physicians have behaved unprofessionally or violated patient rights, so its understandable why some patients distrust physicians or have developed negative stereotypes.
In a perfect world, these sessions would not be necessary.
  • oh yeah, and no "mama jokes" in the clinic:


Shalla said...

Ha! This just made my day. We have those talks on "professionalism" on a regular basis, which of course is my favorite thing to listen to on Wednesday afternoons. I was taking an exam today and I usually like to draw things out to help myself remember. So I started outlining crus, corpora cavernosa, glans, corpus spongiosum, bulb, Cowper's gland, ejaculatory ducts, Colles' fascia... Then suddenly I realized what was happening. I wish one of the proctors would have walked by, one of the girly ones with a long skirt and a Southern accent.

Chakurino said...

Any gal that can draw out a male’s junk in such exquisite detail gets an A+ on my grade book for professionalism, definitely, total professional. Besides, it’s more fun than drawing the brachial plexus, don’t you think.