Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nasopharyngeal Cancer

Precisely two years ago my Father passed away from metastatic nasopharyngeal cancer (NPC).

Trying to describe the impact of his death is difficult for numerous reasons, but this blog has provided a venue to chronicle the series of events that led up to his diagnosis and treatment; his remission, and his passing. I sincerely hope that folks who have visited this blog to learn about NPC have gained hope and inspiration from his story.

His death occurred two months after beginning med school, making the transition as student particularly thorny. During the past three years, I’ve gained a growing fund of knowledge about medicine such that hindsight compels me to consider the many things that should have been done differently. Those are points which I’ll carry in mind throughout my career and will  benefit those who come under my care.

As I sit on this bench overlooking the Pacific Ocean, on the beach where he used to take me as a child to boogie board, I can delight in his memory. I will stem the bitterness that has consumed me and I will celebrate his memory; so rich, so full, so sweet.

What happens when someone passes? Do we ever reunite with the ones we love?
The left side of my intoxicated brain says I'm a fool.

I miss you Dad.


o.O said...

): i didn't know your dad passed away. i had a couple of family friends passed away from cancer, i took it so hard. it was even harder when one died with an MI..

Chakurino said...

Life is precious.